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Who Is Ari Meghlen? | Ep. 090 | The Merry Writer Podcast

December 15, 2021
Get to know more about the host of The Merry Writer Podcast, Ari Meghlen! In this week's episode, Rachel interviews Ari about her and her writing.
Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the episode.

Ari is a fantasy author, avid blogger, busy entrepreneur, and cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

Unimpressed with reality, 8-year-old Ari set out on a mission to create new exciting worlds full of demons, pirates, gods, dragons, and even a few screaming trees...and many MANY years later, she has no intention of stopping. 

Her first short story, The Locksmith, was published in the 2019 anthology From Ashes to Magic, and her second short story, Sanctuary was published in 2021 in the anthology From Myths to Monsters.

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