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July 13, 2022

Please check all the questions and responses below in this FAQ Page before sending us your query.  If what you want to ask us hasn't been answered, then feel free to contact us. 


STATUS: We are currently accepting guest applications for 2023.  Please see below:


Are You Accepting New Guests Onto The Podcast?

If you are interested in being a guest on the podcast, you can now complete our guest application form.  If we accept your application, you will be notified and we will work to schedule you a recording date.  Please note we often record months in advance.

Click to complete the Guest Application Form.

Please note we will not accept guest requests via our social media DMs or email.  All requests to be a guest need to go through the Google Form linked above.


Do I Have to Fill Out The Form if I’ve Already Been a Guest?

Yes, please fill out the form again even if you’ve already been on the podcast. Information can change and we don’t keep it after your episode goes live.


If I've Already Been a Guest, When Can I Be a Guest Again?

To give everyone as fair a shot as possible, we try not to book repeat guests within the same year. So, please wait to fill out the form again until a year after your previous episode has gone live.


Do You Record The Episodes Live?

No, all our podcast episodes are pre-recorded then scheduled for a specific date later in the future.


Do You Use a Script?

We do have a basic script that contains our intro and outro and the specific questions you will be asked.  If you are accepted to become a guest on the podcast, you will be giving access to your episode’s script and have the ability to add in any notes or bio details that can assist you during the recording.

Please note that depending on your answers to the questions we ask, we may have additional questions to pose that are not on the script.

If you feel unable to answer additional off-the-cuff questions, please let us know and we will refrain from asking new questions. 


Are The Podcast Episodes Edited?

Yes, we edit each episode.  This is done by us, to the best of our ability.  But don’t worry, if you make a mistake or have to amend or re-say your answer to our questions, we will tidy up the recording.


How Are The Episodes Recorded?

We use Zoom to record our episodes.  Invite links to the Zoom meeting will be included on the Guest Script you will be given access too, along with the date and time of your meeting, if your application is successful.


Do I Have to be on Video?

We do prefer to use the video option on Zoom when doing the podcast episodes as it really does help us to see people.  However, if you really don’t think you can use the video option you can keep your camera off.


You Record on Zoom, do You Post The Videos?

No, while we do use the zoom video feature with our guests, this is just to make it easier when podcasting.  However, the videos are not shared anywhere - only the audio is.


What Equipment do I Need?

You will need a microphone, webcam and a device you can open the FREE video software Zoom on.


I Need to Cancel my Recording Session

If you have been given a recording date and are suddenly unable to commit to that date, please let us know as soon as possible.  As, depending when your episode launch date is, we may need to get a new guest booked in immediately.

While we understand things happen, if you do cancel but would still like to be a guest, we will add you back onto our list, and will be in touch once we have arranged our other guests.  This does mean your recording date may be several months later or even the following year.


Is There Anything I Need to Know About Being on The Podcast?

Podcast Etiquette

Please arrive on time. You will be given the date, time and Zoom invite link in your script and you can join the meeting up to 10mins before the meeting starts.

We will go through a few quick details with you before we start recording to make sure you are comfortable.

Please make sure you are in a quiet room with as little background noise and distractions as possible.  Where possible, please keep pets out of the room you are recording in.

Always make sure your phone is on silent and any computer notifications are muted.

While we accept some cursing on our show, we don't want it to be too excessive so please keep that in mind.

Please allow us time to respond to your answers, if your answers are broken down into points, allow us the chance to maybe intercede with our own thoughts.

Please don't do a shout-out to advertise your book or website in the middle of the discussion. We do reserve a part at the end of the show, where you tell everyone more about yourself, your website and books.


Are There Any Guest Episodes You Recommend I Listen to?

If you are new to our podcast, we recommend you take some time to listen to a few episodes to get familiar with the style of the podcast and the hosts.

Here are some guest episodes we recommend:


Can I Have a Clip of The Audio to Share on my Social Media/Blog etc?

Yes, we are happy to supply up to 1 min of audio from your episode for you to use on your social media to promote the episode.  This will be supplied upon request.


Can I Have a Copy of The Full Recording?

No, we don’t give out copies of the full recordings.  However, we can offer a short 1min clip of the recording to be used in your social media.


Do You Have Episode Links I Can Have?

Yes, once the episode has been edited, uploaded and scheduled you will be sent the perma-links for both Podbean and Youtube.  If there is a specific podcasting platform’s link you prefer, these can be supplied but only after the episode goes live (if we are on that platform).


Do I Need to do Anything After The Recording?

After the recording, you will be supplied with links of the edited podcast episode closer to the upload date.  Once the episode goes live we would like you to share the podcast episode on at least one social media platform and/or your website/blog.  This helps to boost exposure to the podcast and for the episode itself.  We can supply some social media graphics that we have made, you can either use these or if you prefer create your own.


Have a Question Not Answered on This FAQ?

If you have a question that we have not answered here, please feel free to reach out to us via email at  Replace the “at” with an @ symbol before sending. 

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