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What Elements Should You Include In Your Science Fiction Novel? | Ep. 088 | The Merry Writer Podcast

December 1, 2021
Do you want to write science fiction, but don't know what to include? Maybe you don't want to have the same cliches and tropes as other sci-fi stories.
In this week's epsiode, Ari and Rachel talk about elements to include (and not include) in your science fiction novel along with sci-fi author, Dal Cecil Runo.
Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the episode.


Dal Cecil Runo is a partially blind author of fiction and poetry. Before entering the world of writing, Dal was an independent singer/songwriter under another stage name and a blind photographer with a few exhibits across Europe. Dal is currently working on a science fiction trilogy and short stories in multiple genres. As a writer with a disability, it is a priority for Dal to include blind, visually impaired and/or other characters with disabilities in every piece of fiction. The inclusion of LGBTQ+ and multicultural characters is also of importance in all of Dal’s work.

She has lived in and travelled to several countries. Ice-skating in winter, and listening to audiobooks are some of Dal’s favourite pastimes. She can be found on most social media as DalCecilRuno.


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